Workshop Sign - Just Change the name! Signs

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Had to make my own version of this since I couldn't find it anywhere online for sale. Don't want everyone to have the hard time I did finding or making it. Enjoy!

Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial

You may remix, tweak, and build upon this work non-commercially, and although your new works must also acknowledge Ryan Garofalo and be non-commercial, you don’t have to license your derivative works on the same terms.


1 year ago






Workshop Sign

  • Dougs Workshop1.dxf
  • Randall - 1 year ago
    How do you change the text on fusion 360 if the all the sketches used to make it are not shown when opened as a DXF file?

  • Ryan Garofalo (OP) - 1 year ago
    Hey Randall, Sorry for the 2 month delay! I actually do not use Fusion - I use Corel Draw X8 and then export as DXF and import to SheetCam - post process and send to FireControl. Sorry I couldn't get back sooner - and that I was no help after coming back. Good Luck!

  • Larry Bjustrom - 11 months ago

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