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47.5 INCH WIDE VERSION OF LANGMUIRS FILE WITH ADDED COMPASS AND TEXT... This is a very large (nodes) SVG file created in inkscape.. Converted with Sheetcam, and cut on a crossfire pro. - Todd Kelch - FireShare I am uploading this a second time because people were having difficulty with the original file, and I could not figure out how to edit my original upload. hoping this works for you. Note: The files when uploaded are compressed by fireshare and need to be unzipped.

Remix Of

World Map by Langmuir Systems

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Todd Kelch for the original creation.


3 years ago






map globe remix langmuir compass travel

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  • world map lost 47.5 x 21.svg
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  • Todd Kelch (OP) - 3 years ago
    I redownloaded it from fireshare, saved it, unzipped it, and opened it in inkscape to verify its all there and properly uploaded. everything is good. recommend using sheetcam for cam. F-360 users will not be able to use this file.

    Ronald Spears - 3 weeks ago
    Real cool design!

  • Robert Letson - 2 years ago
    thanks great looking

  • Clinton Headley - 2 years ago
    looks great thanks

  • DJX LLC - 1 year ago
    Great file, Thanks! I was able to use F360 to edit and run this file. I scaled it to about 16"x25". I would send you the f3d file if you want to add it to these downloads so F360 users can run it.

    Carl - 1 year ago
    DJX, I'd appreciate that file if you would be willing to share.

    Derrick Kelley - 5 months ago
    Has the F360 version been posted?

    Todd Kelch (OP) - 1 month ago
    I've obviously been a way for a while. If you can send it to me at I will add the dxf file . thanks DJX

    Ronald Spears - 3 weeks ago
    The DXF would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Paul Martell - 6 months ago
    do you have it it DXF or DWG! Please!!

  • Todd Kelch (OP) - 1 month ago
    Sorry I do not. I only work in inkscape. (svgs).

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