XR Table X axis end of stroke Splash Guards Tools

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This is a set of Splash Guards for the X gantry to help keep splashing water in the table when cutting near ends of X stroke as in cutting full sheets. I made these out of 16 ga SST. The small tab that is bent up was a little tricky to bend but dropped a few images on how i did it. The chamfer at the lower leading edges is important as it cams the guard up at extreme ends of the Y stroke. so the leading edge does not stop the gantry at ends of the water table see images. I may add another small wiper under the edge such that a rubber strip can lay on the top of the 1" water table side tube. I will post that mod if we do it and likely not drill any holes but use some rubber strip that has adhesive backing. Our water table seams are not flat with each other so something flexible to compensate for the differences at the seams. Alt I may run some 1"thin wall aluminum angle down each side glued in place so the wiper can run on a smooth flat surface. Ken

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Water Table Splash Guards Xplormor Offroad @autotech AutotechKen XR Splash Guards

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  • Ken (OP) - 4 months ago
    I do have a .pdf file with some dimensions and the bend angles It would not let me load a .pdf file. I made a screen shot of the hole pattern in the aluminum side plates. Some of the holes you can transfer through the formed shield and drill without disassembly. some too tight to drill from over the table and need to be drilled from the outside. send me a PM and I can FW those dimensions. Ken

  • Ken (OP) - 2 months ago
    If I don't get any inputs in a week or two, I am removing it. wasted time sharing .

  • Jesse Pimentel - 2 months ago
    Awesome design. I definitely need to set sometime to the side to cut this out. Thank you.

  • MartyY - 2 months ago
    Thanks for posting. Appreciate the time and effort put into the design. Definitely not a waste of time IMHO. Currently I am just using oil-dri on the floor next to the table to soak up the mess. When things slow down a bit I plan to cut this and put it to use.

  • BRIAN JETTER - 2 months ago
    thank you Ken! for this file i havent tried it yet but it will be a smart addition to the table

  • Michael S. Ledbetter - 1 month ago
    love the idea Ken, looks good and is very smart!

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