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Found this design up on a website but only it had more writing in it then anything so I added more stars the planets and the comets, in the photos of the one I cut I restenciled the cloud & star in the version I cut and currently have soaking in solution. You're free to do with as you wish but please do not sell the designs I give free as your own on places online like etsy, ebay, etc. Happy Cutting

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You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit DogCreekCustoms for the original creation.


2 years ago





  • VaRlFlPAG7KFdBD4Nr8wQt2HopP2shuWOCgA7eLj.png
  • BxVxfV5xIte2ginAd9fleWOSTedqf2oTDHrUPxcx.svg
  • YourMeanEverything.dxf
  • 154025da-a08b-4d61-b42c-dc510f4ca128.jpg
  • ff5db64f-76ac-4113-8320-39efc4b7d3bd.jpg
  • 367dc15b-f9c8-4546-a2a8-1069db12711e.jpg
  • Jaime - 2 years ago
    Hello, thank you for sharing. Would you mind also sharing what settings you used for that stock thickness?

    DogCreekCustoms (OP) - 2 years ago
    I used 14ga , 45amp finecut 114volts 225ips and I used a piece of scrap when I cut this it was already a circle so I resized the image to work for it you can see it here

    jody - 1 year ago
    cant see the video, nice design though!

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