80 gallon smoker build Outdoor

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80 gallon smoker build all1/4 in. 24in 80 gallon tank 24in insulated firebox with griddle top and pizza oven shelf inside, removable stack and 2 pull out racks, use 3/4 in rod for wheel spindle front wagon style steering. lmk if you have any questions here is most of the files i used may have to tweak as needed

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1 year ago





  • smoker usa.jpg
  • 1001 smoker door.nc
  • 1001 firebox hinge 20ipm.nc
  • 1001 collector 20ipm 2sd.nc
  • 1001 smoker firebox latch.nc
  • 1001 smoker handle 20ipm 2sd.nc
  • 1001 top hinge part2 20ipm 2sd.nc
  • 1001 top hings part1 20ipm 2sd.nc
  • collector flange 20ipm 2sd.nc
  • RACK PULL.nc
  • door gasket 60ipm 1sd.nc
  • steering 20ipm 2sd.nc
  • stack flange 20 ipm 2sd.nc
  • stack dampener 20ipm 2sd.nc
  • John Sabarese - 1 year ago
    How much 1/4" steel did it use? full 4X8 sheet or more? and can you post this as a .DXF?

    travis (OP) - 8 months ago
    Little over a whole sheet and that’s with a insulated double wall firebox

  • Tim Heimerl - 1 year ago
    What did you finish it with?

    travis (OP) - 8 months ago
    Canola oil

  • William Allen - 1 year ago
    Would you mind sharing the dxf files

  • Ramces Rodriguez - 10 months ago
    Do you have these in dxf files?

    travis (OP) - 8 months ago
    Yes i will try and upload them

  • Joseph Gillam - 1 month ago
    That looks awesome, nice work! Would you be able to share more images of the completed design, with the lid open and such?

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