Four bottle wall mounted Wine Rack. Home & Garden

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Cut out part and then use an adjustable wrench to bend out each ring 90 degrees. I used 1/8 steel.

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5 years ago





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  • Fancy 4 bottle Wine Rack.dxf
  • Guillermo Ortiz Jr. - 5 years ago
    I have tried several different ways to download this and its only a file and not a DXF.

    Keith J Varin - 4 years ago
    It's a zip file, you need to decompress it. WinRAR or WinZip will do what you need.

  • Keith J Varin - 4 years ago
    The file needs ALOT of work, I'd suggest the author fix his incomplete joints and re-upload. There are several points that needed to be trimmed, joined, and just generally fixed. Unfortunately I didn't cut the poor lines on the lower portion of the file, and now have an oddly shaped piece. There goes that chunk of steel.

    Kevin Erickson (OP) - 4 years ago
    Your updated version is nice and clean... I generally extruded the sketch into a body and then make the tool path. That's probably how I get away with some imperfections without ruining steel.

  • Robert Phillips - 4 years ago
    FYI caution on the material you use. I had a lot of fun with this build. the first one I made out of .125 steel, and it worked fine. Then I made another out of .1875 steel and the tabs all crack / broke when bending them. I had to add a small weld at the crack. I then tested one tab without the small bending hole and it did not crack. so, if you plan to use metal thicker than .125, omit the bend line holes from your cutting geo. Have Fun!

  • Steve Bubacz - 5 months ago
    nice rack

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