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Wanted to register my metal in some fashion and thought of using laser crosshairs and registration points in my cut file. Working on Crossfire and needing to use longer sheets. Please advise on any improvements or suggestions. Used LAMPVPATH (Pack of 4) 3 AA Battery Holder with Switch, 4.5V Battery Holder with Switch, 3X 1.5V AA Battery Holder with Leads and Switch ($8.99) and Red line laser module Industrial Laser Group Module adjustable focal length (line-2packs) ($13.95). I have to mount the unit and adjust. Will report. X laser hole is determined by head size. Razor Cut Viper 30 used. I used 80 ipm, 75 psi. (i think).

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  • RICK NELSON (OP) - 1 year ago
    Interference with torch tip spacing. Redrawing.

  • Jack Deacon - 1 year ago
    Great Idea... but you can actually buy a laser that is a crosshair and use just one.

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