Laptop end bracket Tabs & Brackets

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FireControl  [IHS/THC]

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I saw this idea in a U-tube video but could not find a file share so I made one. It's a quarter inch longer than the original. This allows you to bend it around to the end of the frame . Now you can swing the laptop out of the way when loading a sheet of metal. This was made in fusion 360. Fusion360 will not let you export in a dxf unless you buy a license. This file is NOT a dxf it is a .f3d you will have to rename it before you can import it to fusion. Other wise here is the G-code as well

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6 months ago






Laptop corner bracket

  • Laptop_End_Bracket v1.dxf
  • end bracket.JPG
  • David Saul - 6 months ago
    Right click your sketch and "save as DXF"

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