Magic Welding Square Tools

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I built a Magic Square for certain welding projects where getting 90 deg can be difficult and accuracy is important. Seen this on (Fireball Tools Youtube) I used 2 inch by 3/8 inch flat bar for the edges as I had that in stock and also a 3/8 bolt 1 1/2 inch long with a lock nut to connect the two peace's, I welded the two pieces offset so that the edges will align ( add your washer first) I was able to find a tightening lever off a old computer screen mount but sure you can get that online or even use a bolt with a wing nut or weld a lever on a bolt and make the hole from 1/4" to 3/16" and tap and thread it ( was an after thought). Have fun

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3 years ago





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  • Magic Square.dxf
  • Sebasti├ín - 3 years ago
    gran proyecto .Gracias x compartir.

  • Jim Maltby - 3 years ago
    Cool, Thanks !

  • william fridley - 1 year ago
    i'm going to go one step further with these and finish off the square edges in the milling machine and surface grinder. may even mill a v groove to help hold round tube .

  • IronmanMetal - 1 year ago
    Thanks, this is great. What plasma machine did you use?

  • Timothy Suchonic - 5 months ago

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