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FireControl  [IHS/THC]

This project is ready to be cut on a CrossFire CNC Machine.
Input your own cut settings on download to customize this file for your specific project.


This is a guard I made to help keep some of the splashing water off the top of the drive box for the table. the cut file is made for 16ga ~27"x14"

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Luke for the original creation.


1 year ago






guard drive cover splash guard

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  • Drive splash
  • Donny Merrill - 1 year ago
    This is a great idea, thank you for sharing it. I look forward to cutting it out as soon as I can find some scrap 16 gauge.

  • Cathal Watters - 1 year ago
    THATElectronics box should not be attached to table at all my humble opinion......

    Luke (OP) - 1 year ago
    that's fine. I have never had any issues with it being mounted like this. until it does, I would prefer to have everything neat and tidy as designed.

    Curtis - 1 month ago
    I would agree, but they have a plastic spacer to avoid shorting the box. They designed it this way.

  • Cathal Watters - 1 year ago
    decent job though...

  • G B L - 1 year ago
    The table is moved around the shop a lot so the control box will be on the leg for a while. The file was very good, the only change I made was to rotate the part 90 degrees and substitute a side panel from a refrigerator as the stock!

  • Chris - 1 year ago
    Thanks for the file, just cut it out of 16 gauge and it came out perfect. 33 amp, 70 IPM, 0.5 sec delay with the RazorCut 45. Finished cut has almost zero dross, more of a bur than anything.

  • scott - 5 months ago
    thanks for the download

  • Curtis - 1 month ago
    What size bolts are you using to mount? Are the sheet screws or did you drill all the way through the table?

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