Torch Shield for Xfire Tools

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I was getting some water splash onto my torch handle, right on the trigger, which is not water proof or Water resistant. I decided to cut this out of alum (had some laying around) to mitigate this issue (since water and elect switch = headache sooner than later) Simple cut, alum settings of 120/min at 20 amps with a 0.1 pierce delay worked great. Holes are a little messy but can be cleaned up with a drill bit or dropping the amps down some more (maybe 15?). 30* bends on each side (or as you see fit) with a bench bender and the attachment tab was done with hand held bend pliers. I put a little bit of angle on it too so that if I do get water droplets inside it will act as a gutter. Length is 6.5 inch long.

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  • Torch Shield.dxf
  • IMG_3640.JPG
  • Scott Murray - 5 years ago
    when I loaded the dfx all I got was a rectangle and two circles that were not inside it.

  • Luke Erwin - 5 years ago

  • Wade Starkenburg - 5 years ago

  • ShaunyShaun - 5 years ago

  • JB Lefebvre (OP) - 5 years ago
    unfortunately the design is created with sheetmetal workspace, so the sketch that I was able to export was of the hole location and the rectangle...thought the DXF would have more than just the any rate, the holes are 1.5" apart, do a rectangle that contains those and then use sheetmetal workbench to create the sides to your dimension that best fits your torch. Until we can share F360 files...

    Nick - 5 years ago
    Use the Unfold command in the sheetmetal workspace - then create a sketch, project the unfolded pattern to the sketch and right click the sketch on the tree to "save as DXF" There is a NYCNC video #FF94 that shows how to do it. If you share the F360 file with me I can help too.

  • Richard Hamilton JR - 5 years ago
    just download the FUSION 360 APP makes share a POC PIECE OF CAKE

  • Williammaddox - 5 years ago
    i will need this thanks

  • kevin jackson - 11 months ago
    gonna try this one now.

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