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Not trying to step on the original design at all, but since its just a rectangle and two holes in the original file, I needed to make one up. Pretty sure its about the same as the original, but i made the sides a little bigger. Im going to cut it today and see how it works, but thought I would toss it up here for others to at least start with. This has the same distance on the bolt holes as the original creator mentioned at 1.5" apart. Please comment on any mistakes on the .DXF this is my first few drawings in fusion.

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Torch Shield for Xfire by JB Lefebvre

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Ron for the original creation.


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  • Torch water shield v3.dxf
  • Ron (OP) - 5 years ago
    Going to try this cut @ 120IPM @ 43 amps on my everlast 50s with 1/16th' mild steel sheet. I will them break the front tab into a 90 degree bend, and the sides so somewhere around 30-40 degrees.

  • Ron (OP) - 4 years ago
    Turned out great with those settings. I think this should be done with less then 1/16th steel as that was much heavier then whats needed lol

  • Lee Simons - 4 years ago
    I'm going to try this one tonight with aluminum to keep the weight down. Thanks for the file!

    Ron (OP) - 4 years ago
    Good call, 1/16 is a lil heavy and I put in 1/4" holes, but i think its better to just mark the holes and drill out after the cut. Mine came out crappy and hardened so it was crazy to drill after.

  • HWCinc - 4 years ago
    file loads easy, did mine with .08 aluminum 30 amps @ 120 ipm . came out very nice , thanks!

    Ron (OP) - 4 years ago
    Glad it worked out!

  • mike johnson - 4 years ago

  • bill arnett - 4 years ago
    Thanks now all I need is my table

  • Keith - 3 years ago
    How can I open this up as G Codes / M Codes?

  • David Spinden - 3 years ago

  • Lucas Revord - 2 years ago
    Works good. had to adjust holes as mine are 1.56 instead of 1.5. cut mine out of 22g alum and turned out great

  • Tim R Fabing - 1 year ago
    mine scaled way to big not sure why going to have to try and rework it

    kevin jackson - 10 months ago

  • Michael Pittinger Sr. - 7 months ago

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