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This is a project to install a powered jack motor on deck-over or similar trailer. I have similar setup on both gooseneck trailer and tilt deck, been using for months now and works awesome. Works with both single and dual jack setups, but have to figure out base plate mounting different for both. For dual jacks I just bolted the base plate angle to the front C-channel, for single jack I had to weld it to the jack itself. Jack motor base plate I used a short piece of heavy angle, 6x6x1/2 approx, big enough for the jack motor to fit. Plasma cut the hole layout. Jack motor is 12VDC right angle worm drive tarp motor (for dump trucks) available online approx. 50:1 gear reduction. Mounting pattern seems to be the same everywhere. Had to use longer bolts than what comes in the kit. Mounted the battery and all electrical in the toolbox using the divider dxf to lock it in place. Adjust size to your battery, I used small frame 12VDC batteries. Cover plate you may have to customize to your layout, this one is made for Trailerman style trailers. I cut it out of one piece of 1/4" steel with relief cuts on the bends, then hand bent into box shape, welded on 1/4" tabs for bolting it up to the trailer and welded up seams. Electrical layout has the diagram and all parts needed. I originally planned to tie to truck charging circuit but I ended up using a small solar panel, never looked back. Haven't had to charge or boost them yet. Very slow charge but it's constant never seems to run out. Solenoid: 300A ORCISH winch motor relay Disconnect switch: 200A battery disconnect switch rotary, bulkhead mount Control switch: Winch motor 2-way switch, weatherproof Charge controller: HP2410 (needs to be weather protected) Solar panel: small 15VDC approx. 1'x1' Gears and sprockets: size to your shafts. jack motor had a 3/4" shaft with thru-holes, pinned the sprocket on with a bolt, used 17Tooth sprockets and chain. Pictures of final product, I'll try to load some pictures with cover off.

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Jack Motor Power jack Electric jack 12V jack

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  • Trailer deck over 20k battery divider.dxf
  • Trailer deck over 20k jack motor cover complete.dxf
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  • Jack motor base plate.dxf
  • robert melendez - 4 months ago
    Please post some pics when you get the cover. I’m very interested

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