Milling with Fusion360

Last updated: November 21, 2022

Software Workflow

In this video we cover the software workflow process and how that helps to create finished parts. We've simplified this process down to three simple steps: CAD - CAM - CUT. CAD to bring thoughts and ideas together into a model, CAM to turn that model into code, CUT to machine that code into reality.

Fusion360 Licenses

We cover the various licenses Autodesk offers for its Fusion360 product.

Install Post Processor

Follow the below instructions to install the CutControl Post Processor for Fusion360.

  1. Download the latest CutControl Fusion 360 Post from our Downloads page.
  2. Open Fusion 360 and switch over to the Manufacture workspace.
  3. Open the NC Program tab.
  4. Find the Post option and click the Select From Library command.
  5. Click on Import and choose the latest Fusion 360 Post downloaded in Step 1. Note: Fusion will remember this Post setting until you change it.
  6. Your programs will now be optimized for MR-1. Always double check your programs and slow down rapid movements when using a program for the first time. Note: Consider dry running the program first to verify correct movements and avoid collisions.

Cutting Parameters

Langmuir Systems provides customers the following Cutting Parameters Quick Reference Chart to use when programming cuts on MR-1. We believe that these values are a good, conservative starting point and we strongly recommend using these parameters when first cutting parts on MR-1. If you wish to push the machine beyond these starting values, we always recommend first making test cuts before running a new program. If you have any questions please reach out to tech support We are here to help!

This Cutting Parameters Quick Reference Chart is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Designing in CAD

We cover how to design parts in CAD using an example project: an aluminum coaster.

CAM Programming

We continue the Coaster Project with the programming of the toolpaths in Fusion360 to cutting the first side on the MR-1.


We finish up the aluminum Coaster Project with second-side cutting using Fusion and CutControl.

Stay Tuned!

More tutorial content is always in the works at Langmuir Systems. Reach out to MR-1 support to suggest videos you want to see!