What will a CrossFire CNC do?
Increase the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of your fabrication process.
Reduce wasted time with templates or imperfect hand cut parts.
Eliminate the cost of outsourcing by bringing cutting operations in-house.
Scale and automate using CNC machines with larger cutting areas to cut more perfect parts in less time.
Expand the types of projects or jobs you can make.

What Machine is
right for me?

  • 2' x 2' Cutting Area
  • Used by home hobbyists with limited space to educational institutions and machine shops looking to expand their capabilities or free up larger machines.
  • Our most cost efficient machine- you choose the accessories and options you need (Water Table, Z-Axis, XL Kit, THC).
  • 4' x 3' Cutting Area
  • Used by small businesses looking for more cut area to open up more possibilities to larger producers looking to save.
  • The best value with all of the popular options included like Water Table, Z-Axis, expanded cut area.
  • 4' x 8' Cutting Area
  • Used by business owners looking to focus on metal cutting or large companies looking to automate their production.
  • The fully featured CNC machine with full sheet work area and all of the best kit from Langmuir Systems.

Why Langmuir Systems?

Langmuir Systems offers trusted CNC plasma cutting systems that include everything you need: a full cutting ecosystem with attentive Support, purpose-built Control Software, an engaged Community, and an active file Sharing Hub.

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We grow with you

We offer systems small enough for your home garage and large enough for industrial shops all with the same interfaces, electronics, and software. You don’t have to learn a new workflow when your business grows.



Run your CrossFire with FireControl, our free machine controller software with tons of features that make cutting even easier. We’ve developed FireControl to be easy to use, efficient, and robust with features like: Pattern, Scale, Rotate, Run From line, Dry Run, and Straight Cut Generation. FireControl is Cross platform and runs on Windows and MacOS.

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Discover easy to cut projects for your shop, gifts for loved ones, and more on Langmuir Systems file sharing hub, FireShare. Upload your projects to share with others or download ready-to-cut files with custom parameters for your machine and material.

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Langmuir Systems Support Forum is a passionate group of over 5,000 CrossFire users with over 60,000 posts on over 4,000 topics. Ask a question, share your cool new project, or chat with other CrossFire customers.

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Are you Ready?

Ordering a CrossFire CNC Plasma table is easy. Here's what to expect once your order is placed.

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