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Cut quality is on point

Keep up the excellent customer service - that is what will make people spread your name favorably. Thank you!
Jared S. Online Survey

Top notch customer service!

It is honestly the best value for your money in the game right now…Mine has paid for itself in a few months.

Heath C. LS Forum

Cut quality is on point

I am thankful for your dedication and hardwork in providing an affordable entry level product into the CNC market. Without you, I would not be fulfilling my dream of owning a cnc table.

Timothy D. Facebook

The machine has been thoroughly thought out and it shows.

It's a entry level machine that cuts great. A big learning curve but you have to start somewhere. I really like mine and would recommend it for anyone starting out.

Michael L. Facebook

The forum and service is great.

...thank you [Langmuir Systems] for bringing an entry level table to market. It's definitely opened numerous doors for myself and helped me rethink how I do a lot of my fab work.

Jeremy G. Facebook


keep up the good work, i love the product so far and brag about it all the time

Ben. H Online Survey

Your machine changed my life man

glad i made the purchase!

Doug L. Online Survey

The Crossfire has never failed me

Your machine changed my life man. I was able to quit my day job and then my side hustle into my only job. The quality of this table is amazing. Your customer service is amazing. The quality of product I can create on this table is amazing. I just watched the video, before seeing this post. I didn’t think it was helpful or true. I love my Crossfire. LOVE IT.

Jason H. Facebook

I think you guys have done a great job so far with being upfront about production/ship times, Fusion 360 videos, machine 3 videos, product quality for price pointand quick answers back on a couple email questions. Don't fade on you customer service.

Joel D. Online Survey

Love the machine so far! Was doing some dialing in tonight. Would be great to have some just base settings ipm, amperage, psi to start and then manipulate. I’m using a vipercut 30i. Have you guys ever used anything other than .8mm with success?Nevertheless great bang for the buck and I’m one very happy customer

Matt S. Facebook

I like my table quite a lot! It has handled everything I've thrown at it.

Joshua Z. Youtube

The machine was extremely well packaged and very clearly labeled. i was extremly impressed with quality this far. Online video instruction very easy to follow. Great job and i will definatly be upgrading with you guys in the future

Anthony S. Online Survey

I've got alot of hours on mine and its paid for itself several times over.

Michael P. Facebook

Absolutely love this bad ass machine! Designed and built by hot rodders in America! What concerns could I possibly have about that?! Keep up the awesome customer service!

Stephen A. Online Survey

I have had zero problems. This machine has been a rockstar for me.

James J. Facebook

Amazing product Thank you for featuring us !

GK F. Instagram

I purchased the crossfire and have been using it since November. It has been an excellent table for me. I would buy it again without hesitation.

Martin I. YouTube

Love the precision of the CrossFire. I find that the Crossfire is my go-to tool more and more. It is great to quickly make a Jig or template for even simple jobs.

Kevin E. LS Forum

I thought about building one from scratch, but metal, time, and electrical components would exceed that, so I felt it was between this hobby machine or a $7K machine.... I’m a hobbyist- so I chose a hobby machine. Two thumbs up for the crossfire from me.

Izzy J. YouTube

I have had my table for almost a year. Best 1k ive spent on a shop tool to date.

Aron S. Facebook

My 16 year son and myself have been using the machine and love it! We had a few issues we resolved ourselves, I would still say overall a great quality machine. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get into CNC plasma!

Daniel C. Facebook

Cutting a job tonight that paid for half the table... yeah, it's worth the money

Jamey C. Facebook

Got my crossfire last week and assembled over a few days as I had time. Easy assembly thanks to all the in-depth videos by Langmuir. Software was not too hard to pick up, once again, thanks to the detailed videos. Finally starting to get the hang of it after a few cuts and dont need to reference the videos anymore. I’m running the Crossfire with a TD Cutmaster 39. Only played with 1/8" (11ga) HRPO so far and it is cutting like butter.

Chris M. LS Forum

With the right plasma cutter, air dryer, and knowledge, this table is capable of producing the same if not better quality parts than tables 10-20x more. I’ll go head to head cutting anything .125-.375” thick with someone who has one of those fancy $50k+ tables

Boss F. Instagram

It's a great intro to it. Not everybody has 10k to possibly need such a tool. I love mine

Daniel H. Facebook

It's actually going to be the machine students use in our fabrication lab in or small (financially broke) public k-12 school. Any other table would be out of reach. Students are going to get some valuable experience on this machine. Hopefully, they choose fabrication as a career path.

Jamey C. Facebook

I’ve easily made my money back 10 fold with the crossfire. I use it nearly every day and my cut quality is second to none. I literally just got a text from one of my customers who installed some parts I cut for him last night for his customer who thought they were laser cut...There are parts I’ve cut on this table being used in more than one multi billion dollar per year business

Mikey P. Facebook

Paid for my table and plasma in 3 months. 1500 table and 1700 hypertherm plasma. Still going strong 8 months later.

Lee T. Facebook

Mine went together very easy under two hours, using my hypertherm powermax 45. Love my table.

Darryl B. YouTube

I received my langmuir table last week and so far love it. I have no issues with the table

Tim C. LS Forum

For what it cost and how well it’s made, how can anyone me mad? I just fired mine and made my first part tonight. I love it

Jerome S. Facebook

Ya love mine, would have never bought a more expensive table to start. After having it for 8 months I’ve made double what I have into at least.

Matt R. Instagram

Thank you for the feature! Really enjoying my table!

Kenny B. Instagram

Love the product for the price...Still learning, but this has definitely improved my fabrication.

Andreas S. Online Survey

I purchased two Crossfire tables for my small machine shop in Japan because I couldn’t afford a $6-7k entry level table combined with the overseas shipping costs and taxes. I understood the Crossfire limitations, but it’s the low investment cost that sealed the deal. Aksel’s customer service before and after the sale, and the tech department’s timely responses to questions have been phenomenal. I quickly discovered that a Crossfire purchase includes personal commitment from the Langmuir group.

John P. Facebook

You guys are doing great! I look forward to seeing the forum community grow

Carter D. Online Survey

I think more people struggle with the software than the actual machine. Had mine together in 4 hours and cutting. Just put your laptop out in garage when assembling the table and watch the videos in succession. It will go just fine. Oh yes, I can get very accurate cuts.. Check with my digital mic all the time.

Gregory P. Facebook

I love my LS table and I enjoy showing it off to people. It’s so cool learning this stuff and the company support was beyond anything I imagined.

Brian R. LS Forum

I personally love mine with the powermax 45xp. The cut quality setup you show midway thru the video is pretty much standard setup with any cnc plasma table setup. Lack of a thc isn't that big of a deal on a 2x2 table in my opinion. I actually got rid of my 5x10 that was equipped with a thc and I didn't even use the thc unless it was a really lengthy cut or bent/warped material. I was originally really concerned with the lack of limit switches,but overcame that very easily with softlimits on mach3. Only other concern is a lack of a hard estop button,but no biggie. Assembly went really good for me,I had a couple minor issues,but the langmuir guys were really helpful.

Zach E. YouTube

I have had my table for 2 weeks and have had zero issues. We have been banging out some serious parts and the quality is more than acceptable.

Travis M. Facebook

...I am very happy with my Cross fire and yes it might not be the trick of week machine but I believe that was never the intent its a great thing for the hobbyists l think it’s great for what it is and the price and you did a great job with it

Tim A. Facebook

I love my crossfire. It needs some serious tlc when setting up your slat bed but once you get things perfectly leveled out it’s an amazing machine for the price. Especially if you have a good plasma to go with it

Dan S. Instagram

Keep up the great work . Thank you for making an affordable machine.

Jeremiah H. Online Survey

I'm just an average dude I put mine together in a day. Get great cuts.

Leroy M. YouTube

I absolutely love my machine! Not only has the machine been great but you guys have provided some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. I honestly wish more business operated like you do.

Brent R. Facebook

Well, all I can say is , mine has paid for itself. I would never be at the level of producing quality parts without it. The investment even with the unexpected purchase of the Hypertherm actually put what I do to a far better level than I expected. The Crossfire has never failed me. I failed it by not checking set screws but have a routine that all should be doing. I am very happy with my Crossfire. Would love a z axis but I didn’t buy one. I use mine almost every day. I trust it to work as expected Thank You for a great little machine!!

Keith H. Facebook

I’ve had my crossfire for about 3-4 weeks and without any experience with CAD or CNC, had it up and cutting straight and clean cuts within 4-5 trial runs the same day I unboxed it. I believe it’s all up to the operator and how much time you’re willing to put aside to learn. Plenty of tutorials on both Autodesk and Mach 3. Don’t let one guy get you down, everyone I see loves their crossfire! I have recommended it to anyone that asks, perfect and affordable. Just continue to put out a great product and the Langmuir owner community will continue to have your back!

Alex A. Facebook

Find a complete system for cheaper. You get exactly what you pay for. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I bought it. Best part YOU get to choose the plasma cutter YOU want to use. This is an entry level machine for $1500 American.

Josh W. Instagram

Keep up the great work! Best customer service in the business

Andy D. Online Survey

Love changer...

Rick. S Facebook

I have the one as well and I have zero problems out of mine. Specially with the gantry. It’s rock solid. It doesn’t matter where I cut on the table, as long as the material itself doesn’t have any bow to it, cut quality is on point.

Boosted C. Instagram

I got mine in Nov running hypertherm 45xp and while it is not a production machine it is a great value for those that want to learn. They did agreat job for what it was intended for in my opinion

Junior F. YouTube

Love mine, works as advertised

Steven T. Facebook

...just want to thank you guys for bringing this product to market at a reasonable price.

Bryan S. Online Survey

Mine paid for itself before christmas orders even starting hitting. Dont think about ordering one just do it. You wont regret it.

Michael M. LS Forum

I bought this plasma table and a viper cut 30 mostly cut 3/16 steel for the product I sell. For me the price and size worked out fine no complaints. Do not compare to a $5,000.00 table but for $1,500 table I'm happy.

Quartzite B. YouTube

Outstanding job. So far your customer service has been excellent.

James J. Online Survey

I bought this machine to expand my list of tools and start a small business doing light fabrication work and plasma cutting. I have been fascinated with CNC since college, where I learned how to program, and when I found this machine and saw the cost, I had to go for it. I got my machine last Friday so I have only had it 5 whole days, but it’s been an awesome experience thus far. The whole unit arrives in one box- which is super nice not having to cut open a bunch of boxes. Everything is packaged well and protects all the components. Assembly is super easy thanks to the How-To videos the Langmuir guys have put out. I just threw on the videos in the shop and followed along. Alignment was the only thing that took a few tries to really get right, more than likely that was me being a perfectionist more than anything else. Once I got the machine assembled connecting the Razorweld plasma cutter was again super simple thanks to the how-to on the Langmuir website. Honestly nothing was difficult because all of the questions one would have, are already thought about and documented. The machine has been thoroughly thought out and it shows. From assembly to cutting my first test piece on a piece of scrap was 3-4hrs. From that I was able to model, program, and cut the laptop support piece. From cutting on the CrossFire to powder coat took maybe 45 minutes. It’s that simple.

John L. LS Forum

I love my machine,and your company! Top notch customer service and I believe a very fair price for your product.

Karl S. Facebook

I think it's a perfect hobbyist/small light business unit at this price and quality level.

James M. Facebook

This machine was literally a God send for me. I’v made my money back on it and my hyp xp 30 in a very short time. I am living off the work I do from my machine.... These guys made it possible for small shops or hobbiest to obtain a machine... I love my machine, the forum and customer service is great.

Henry P. LS Forum

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the unit was packed; even though UPS destroyed my package the contents themselves didn't have any damage to them. The amount of content available on the website made setup incredibly easy.

Marc. G Online Survey

Nice product nice build everything went together just fine thank you

Terro J. Online Survey

Such an awesome product and design. It works just as good as it looks!! Customer service is just as good. I get a message back from a real person, usually within the hour.

Casey W. Online Survey

Well, all I can say is , mine has paid for itself. I would never be at the level of producing quality parts without it. The investment even with the unexpected purchase of the Hypertherm actually put what I do to a far better level than I expected. The Crossfire has never failed me. I failed it by not checking set screws but have a routine that all should be doing. I am very happy with my Crossfire. Would love a z axis but I didn’t buy one. I use mine almost every day. I trust it to work as expected Thank You for a great little machine!!

Jerry B. Facebook

I have 1 of these and use it with the hypertherm 45 the feeds and speeds in the hypertherm book are spot on. It's no fab shop unit but has done well for me as a hobbyist but buy a good plasma

Dodge M. YouTube