Introducing the Automatic Torch Height Controller for CrossFire, CrossFire PRO, & CrossFire XR.

LS-Thc information


  • Fully Integrated

    The new LS-THC system is fully integrated into our FireControl software for monitoring live voltage, updating settings, and real-time activity feedback.
  • SMARTVoltage

    The SMARTVoltage feature in FireControl was designed to take the guesswork out of cutting with a THC system by automatically sensing the arc voltage at the height set by the Initial Height Sensing (IHS) system and using this voltage as the nominal voltage for that cut loop.
  • Fully Configurable

    The THC settings menu can be accessed directly from FireControl for tuning parameters for optimal performance.
  • Voltage Input Module

    Each THC kit includes a separate Voltage Input Module (VIM) for hooking up to either a plasma cutter CNC port or directly to raw plasma terminals for maximum compatibility.
  • Upgradable

    The THC unit was designed so that your CrossFIre machine can be upgraded to run with the THC system at any time by purchasing the THC module and plugging into the Motion Control Board inside the electronics enclosure.
  • Torch Speed Cutoff Setting

    This setting prevents the torch from plunging into your material when cutting by monitoring the live torch speed and disabling THC when the speed drops below a threshold percentage.

Whats Included

  • Langmuir Systems THC Electronics Module

    Quantity 1
  • Raw Voltage Pigtail Cables

    CATIII 1000V (Black & Red): Quantity 1 Pair
  • Output Voltage Cable

    Shielded: Quantity 1
  • Voltage Input Module (VIM)

    Quantity 1
  • Divided Voltage Input Pigtail Cable

    Quantity 1
  • Velcro Tape

    Quantity 1 Pair