Plasma Cutters

Choosing a Plasma Cutter for Your CrossFire

The CrossFire™ CNC plasma table was designed as a hobby-level machine to accept a wide variety of available plasma cutters on the market today. The only hard requirement is that the plasma cutter must not use a High Frequency start mechanism in order to initiate the plasma arc. These style of plasma cutters are strictly forbidden for use on the CrossFire™ machine because the High Frequency arc can cause permanent damage to the machine’s electronics components.

Fortunately, most modern plasma cutters today use what is called a Blow-Back start mechanism to create the Pilot Arc. We have compiled a list below of plasma cutters that Langmuir Systems has deemed compatible with the CrossFire™ machine that utilizes the Blow-Back starting method. This list is in no way comprehensive of all compatibility on the market so if you are unsure about your plasma cutter we encourage you to consult your manufacturer and inquire about the arc starting method for your specific model.

Each CrossFire™ machine comes standard with a universal torch mount which can accept both hand and machine style torches.

RAZORWELD Plasma Cutters

Our mission from the beginning was to bring CNC plasma cutting to the hobby level by offering a low cost and tailored solution to the home consumer. While there are many high quality plasma cutters on the market today, many of these models are much more expensive than the CrossFire™ machine itself. After assessing several plasma cutters for quality, compatibly and affordability we chose to partner with RAZORWELD to pair a truly powerful line of plasma cutters with the CrossFire™ machine at an incredible price. Take advantage of discounted pricing at checkout by bundling your CrossFire™ machine with a RAZORWELD plasma cutter.

Warranty and Safety Considerations

Splicing into the torch trigger wires may or may not violate your plasma cutter’s warranty. It is your responsibility to check with your plasma cutter manufacturer regarding the terms of the warranty and whether or not executing the splicing procedure violates those terms. Langmuir Systems will not be held responsible for warranty violations.

Completing the procedure requires opening up the cabinet of your plasma cutter power supply which will expose you to high voltage and high amperage electrical components. It is your responsibility to make sure that all work is done safely and with the power disconnected. If you have any doubts regarding your ability to safely perform this work, we strongly urge you to solicit the services of a professional electrician. Langmuir Systems will not be held responsible for any injury or death resulting from the incorrect or unsafe execution of this procedure.

After the wire splices are made, it is critical to never leave the torch firing cable connected to the CrossFire electronic enclosure when the torch is not installed in the torch mount and ready to cut. If the torch is required for hand cutting duty, it is imperative to first disconnect the torch firing cable before removing the torch. Failure to do so creates the opportunity for the CrossFire electronic system to turn the torch on when the torch is physically in an unsafe location; such as in the presence of volatile or explosive substances. Failure to disconnect the torch firing cable from the electronic enclosure when the torch is not installed can cause serious injury or death. Langmuir Systems will not be held responsible for any injury or death resulting from the lack of adherence to this critical safety requirement.

Plasma Cutter Notice - 6/1/21

We are no longer able to recommend the following Plasma Cutters as compatible with CrossFire CNC Machines.

  • PRIMEWELD Cut 60
  • Lotos Supreme Cut 60D
  • Lotos Supreme LTP5500D
  • Harbor Freight / Chicago Electric v1
  • AHP AlphaCut 60

Interference generated by the power supplies of these cutters have been known to cause issues with CrossFire electronics. Owners of these models who wish to use their cutter with the CrossFire must take further steps to ensure proper grounding and resistance to EMI in their systems.

Use of these cutters is not supported by Langmuir Systems and is at your own risk.

Plasma Cutters Compatible with the CrossFire™

RAZORWELD Vipercut 30 / 30i 30A
Razorcut 45 45A
HYPERTHERM Powermax 30 AIR 30A
Powermax 30/30XP 30A
Powermax 45/45XP 45A
Powermax 65 65A
Powermax 85 85A
Powermax 105 105
Powermax 125 125A
HYPERTHERM (discontinued) Powermax 380 27A
Powermax 600 40A
Powermax 800 50A
Powermax 900 55A
Powermax 1000 60A
Powermax 1100 80A
Powermax 1250 80A
Powermax 1650 100A
Max 42 40A
Max 43 40A
Cutmaster 39 30A
Cutmaster 42 40A
Cutmaster 52 45A
Cutmaster 60i 60A
Cutmaster 81 60A
Cutmaster 82 72A
Cutmaster 102 100A
Cutmaster 152 120A
CutSkill 35A 35A
CutSkill 70A 70A
MILLER Spectrum 375 / 375 X-TREME 27A / 30A
Spectrum 625 / 625 X-TREME 40A
Spectrum 875 60A
Spectrum 875 Auto-Line 60A
Spectrum 2050 55A
Tomahawk 625 40A
Tomahawk 1000 60A
Tomahawk 1500 100A
Procut 25 25A
Procut 55 55A
HOBART AirForce 27i 27A
AirForce 40i 40A
AirForce 400 27A
AirForce 500i 27A
AirForce 700i 40A
ESAB PowerCut 900 60A
PowerCut 1300 70A
PowerCut 1600 90A
EVERLAST PowerPlasma 50S 50A
PowerPlasma 60S 60A
PowerPlasma 80S 80A
PowerPlasma 100S 100A
HTP MicroCut 301 25A
MicroCut 600 40A
Microcut 875S 55A
MA68 60A
NORTHERN TOOL Plasma 375 40A