Please read and understand these details before placing your MR-1 order.

  1. Add your MR-1 and add-on products to cart. Note that add-ons may be purchased at a later date from our store but shipping will be charged for accessories and add-ons that ship separately.

  2. Begin the checkout process to enter your billing and shipping information. This is where your MR-1 will ultimately be delivered so be sure to correctly enter this information.

  3. See your shipping cost and select your shipping option. Failure to accurately describe your delivery location will result in delays and/or additional charges. If the location you are receiving the MR-1:

    1. is a commercial address and has access to a loading dock or forklift, select the Freight (Commercial Address - Forklift or Dock Needed to Unload) shipping option.

    2. is a commercial address but does not have access to a loading dock or forklift, select the Freight (Commercial Address - Liftgate Service) shipping option.

    3. is a non-commercial address select the Freight (Residential Address - Liftgate Service) shipping option.

  4. Verify you received the ‘Order Confirmed’ email from our store.

  5. We will ready your machine for shipment and it will be picked up within our currently posted lead time by our Freight Transport Partner. Once picked up, you will receive a message from our Freight Transport Partner regarding scheduling the delivery of your MR-1. If you are picking up in Conroe, TX, please email our support team to coordinate a pickup time. Note: Langmuir Systems is not responsible for strapping and securing the load. Verify that a 48" crate width will fit into the bed of your pickup vehicle.


Please inspect BOTH crates for any visible damage before accepting shipment. If any damage is found, NOTE THIS IN THE DELIVERY RECEIPT PRIOR to accepting the shipment. Langmuir Systems requires this information to file a claim with the Freight Carrier for damages and missing crates.

IF CRATES ARE MISSING, ENSURE THAT DELIVERY RECEIPT NOTES THAT THE MISSING CRATE IS MARKED 'SHORT'. The Freight Carriers are generally able to quickly locate and deliver crates reported missing in this way.

DO NOT let the delivery driver rush you. It is your right to inspect each item. They will wait until you are finished.

Your MR-1 and add-ons ship in a single crate that can be moved with a pallet jack or forklift. If you do not have access to one of these, you should ensure the machine crates are delivered close to the location where the MR-1 will be assembled. The crate height and weight may vary based on options chosen but average order dimensions are as follows:

  • 48" x 48" x 30", 750lbs

As always, If you have any questions about this process, please contact our support team at or via phone at (833) 526-4797.

We can’t wait to have this machine in your hands!